Simple Backups for Oracle on Windows

Here's a solution for automating your Oracle backups when running Oracle on Windows.

Solution provides recent recovery point and e-mail alerting on six different error conditions.  

More information here.


Baseline your SQL Servers - PerfMon counters

Finally got around to a daily summary report for key PerfMon counters on my SQL servers to help with establishing a baseline of their performance.  More here.


Baseline your SQL Servers - Wait Stats

I'm working on establishing a baseline of the performance metrics of my SQL Servers for information that I care about.  I'm starting with Wait Statistics and am working to get my servers to send me information based on the Waits they're incurring and when they normally incur them.

More here.



Reporting on SQL Agent jobs that never run

We know exactly when a job fails, but what if it doesn't run at all?

Here's a quick-and-dirty alert for jobs that hadn't ran in an acceptable amout of time.

More info to the right under SQL - Misc Tips.


T-SQL to View Indexes on a Table

Been working on a system stored procedure to quickly give a heads-up display on what indexes are already on a table.  Among other things I like to analyze key columns, key column order, included columns of existing indexes, and what the key columns of the clustered index are before I start thinking about adding any.  This sproc helps me with that.

You can find the DDL here.

I find the display format helpful.  Looks a little something like this: