T-SQL to View Indexes on a Table

Been working on a system stored procedure to quickly give a heads-up display on what indexes are already on a table.  Among other things I like to analyze key columns, key column order, included columns of existing indexes, and what the key columns of the clustered index are before I start thinking about adding any.  This sproc helps me with that.

You can find the DDL here.

I find the display format helpful.  Looks a little something like this:




Just finished reading a great book on SQL Indexing

Expert Performance Indexing For Sql Server 2011Expert Performance Indexing For Sql Server 2011 by Jason Strate
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is excellent. Puts very complex subject matter in easily understood terms. Contains real world examples for improving performance in your environment.

This book is a great read and highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their SQL database's performance.

It raised my understanding of SQL indexing and had several code samples that I was able to immediately apply to my databases.

I will be seeking out more books by this author.

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Eliminate table scans. An alternative to SELECT COUNT(*) FROM...

New post under SQL - Query Tuning on the right.  Use DMV's to return rowcounts without giving away too many permissions.





Upgrading to SQL 2008 ServicePack 3 - problems

I tried to apply the SP3 update to SQL 2008 and now none of my users can connect.  They're greeted with "Server is in script upgrade mode".

I've done the Googling for you.  Check out my "Upgrade Issues" link under the SQL heading on the right.


Analyzing SQL Server Performance:  MDW

I recently discovered a tool that gives me a heads-up into performance across my SQL boxes:  MDW.  MDW provides graphical reports that allow me to quickly delve into the top waits in my system and what's causing them.  Rather than rehash what's already been said about getting MDW configured in your environment I'll hit some of the things that came up in my configuration that haven't been exhaustively covered in other areas of the web.  Check out my MDW link under the SQL heading to the right.