Reducing SQL transaction logs - revisited

My previous post was incomplete.  I've updated the post to accommodate shrinking of those large .ldf files - all without taking the databases down.


Part two: E-mail Oracle query results

This time in a spreadsheet attachment which end users can conceivably manipulate using Excel.  Not as elegant as it could be, but still quite useful.

Check out the posts under the Oracle heading.



E-mail Oracle Query Results

Had an occasion to e-mail Oracle query results to internal customers.  Check out my "Oracle" section on the right for an easy way to send query results in the body of an e-mail message.



Clean a virus off your PC

Had another friend ask me for help getting some insidious virus off his PC the other day, so figured I'd fire off a quick post to help anyone else out there. 

The viruses these days are a lot more sophisticated than the ones I used to remove.  Nowadays they paint some pretty official looking windows on the screen (almost identical to the ones from Microsoft).  They're also preventing users from entering into Task Manager. 

Perhaps worst of all they're going into the Internet Explorer settings and changing the proxy server setting to the localhost ( - where "6522" is some random port that the virus is configured to listen on once it's taken over the machine.

Pretty effective, but it looks like the procedures and tools that we've been using to remove them are still pretty good at getting them off your computers.

If you need help getting a virus off your computer I suggest you check out my post "Virus Removal" under the security heading.  It's a pretty cut-and-dry method for beginners to get rid of today's nasty viruses.




SQL Sprawl

Had a chance to outline a strategy to deploy new SQL servers this week and figured I'd turn it into a blog post.

There seems to be a high demand for databases as of late and we were previously struggling with expectations as to where to put 'em all.

Check out the new post under the SQL heading.

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