Reporting on Exchange NDR/Undeliverable E-mails

Recently I was asked to report on the non-deliverable (bounceback) e-mails we were sending from an internal mailbox.  I put together a Powershell script that grabbed the information from Exchange (version 2007 or above) then imported it into a SQL Server database using SSIS.

In my first post of this series I'll be going over the Powershell script to get e-mails out of the Exchange system then will be posting one of my first (and more exciting) attempts at an ETL solution using SSIS.

Check out the Bounceback Project heading under SQL on the right.

Stay tuned!


Optimize Oracle with CLUSTER's and Index Organized Tables

We have a few nightly processes and day-end reports that are causing contention in the database and all around performing badly.  Look at my latest post under the Oracle heading to the right, under "Oracle - performance tuning" for how I solved these issues using Oracle CLUSTER's.




How are they getting access?

I had to chase down a SQL Server permissions issue the other day.  In the mess of Windows Integrated Security its sometimes difficult to unwind the tangle of permissions threads to see who actually has rights to the database.

Check out the post under SQL > Security for common queries to determine who has access to what.



Reducing SQL transaction logs - revisited

My previous post was incomplete.  I've updated the post to accommodate shrinking of those large .ldf files - all without taking the databases down.


Part two: E-mail Oracle query results

This time in a spreadsheet attachment which end users can conceivably manipulate using Excel.  Not as elegant as it could be, but still quite useful.

Check out the posts under the Oracle heading.


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