Linux tips

Add a Linux box to an Active Directory domain, join an ESX box to an Active Directory domain, all using LikeWiseOpen!  New post under "linux."


Security hole in Google Chrome...?

Ever know people in college that had to have an iguana or some weird pet?  I know people now that insist on using Chrome.  I always suspected it was inferior to IE and now I have more validation.

Check out my post about phishing.  I didn't do exhaustive testing, but it would appear that IE, FireFox, Opera, and Safari all passed the test regarding the @ character embedded in a URL.   IE navigated to the address preceeding the @, FireFox and Opera popped up security warnings, and Safari...didn't paint the page.

IE remains on top, in my opinion. 

I downloaded the latest and greatest Chrome to be sure.  This is an old exploit, so wonder why Google missed it...?


Dragon Age

Picked this up for the Xbox today.  So far pretty awesome.  Wish my pug's in Wow had had the progammable battle tactics, heh.


First post!

Every day I'm surrounded by brilliant people at work who bring awesome web pages to the masses.  If nothing else I hope my efforts amuse them.

Hello, everyone!

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